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          Satisfied Clients

Judith's group is very good.  I really value consistency and have had the pleasure of Dania working in our home for several months.  She is focused and hardworking and does a beautiful job.  I am always contacted well in advance if Dania cannot be here and a suitable replacement is sent.  Many thanks Judith & Dania!

Lisa Watkins.

We have been very happy with Jodan, and never hesitate to recommend them to others. The cleaners have been efficient, thorough and polite, and customer service has been very good.

Evelyn Sweerts.

We have used the cleaning services of Jodan for many years.   We have always had a continuous and reliable service, with very polite and friendly people.  The staff are extremely pleasant and helpful and worked outside our office hours to avoid disrupting our business.  We have had some "extra" tasks done; which were again out of office hours and were completed very well.  The staff are excellent cleaners who care about what they do.

 Anita De Viell.